Alarm Permit Information

The City of La Habra requires an alarm permit issued for all properties with an alarm system. The original application fee is $46.00 and the permit is valid for one year. The annual renewal fee is $21.00. Your permit may be purchased at the Front Counter of the Police Department upon completion of the application. The application requests information as to the name and telephone number of the alarm monitoring company and who to contact in the event of an emergency. In consideration of the neighborhood, exterior audible devices may sound for a maximum of only fifteen minutes in a residential area and twenty in commercial areas before resetting. A battery back-up power supply must and should maintain your alarm system for a minimum of four hours. This assures your alarm system to continue to provide protection of your property, even in a power failure.

When a request is received by the Communications Center for response to an alarm, officers are dispatched to check the cause of the alarm. If there is an indication of an attempted break-in, notifications will be made to the alarm company for you or your designated agent to respond for a building search, if necessary. If there are no signs of entry, the Communications Police Dispatcher(s) will attempt to notify those listed as "Business/Homeowner" or emergency contact and/or the alarm company regarding the activation.

The City of La Habra allows three false alarm activations in a twelve-month period. After those first three, the cost for each false alarm becomes expensive. Penalties begin at $95.00, increasing in increments per false alarm (see schedule below). A false alarm means the activation of an alarm system through mechanical failure, by accident, malfunction, misuse or negligence by either the owner or lessee of the alarm system or any of his/her employees or agents. It is recommended if you accidentally activate your alarm, to contact your alarm company immediately. Identify yourself, your address, and the problem you are having with the alarm system. If you notice any signs of attempted entry, contact the Police Department for a report at (562) 383-4300. If you have an actual emergency, do not hesitate to dial 9-1-1.

If you have any questions about the Alarm Systems permit or false alarms, please contact the Communications Center at (562) 383-4300 or Lead Communications Operator K. Kernohan at (562) 383-4369.

Alarm Permit Application

FALSE ALARM PENALTY FEES - Assessed in a Twelve-Month Period

1st - 3rd False Alarm Response NO CHARGE
4th False Alarm Response $95
5th False Alarm Response $127
6th False Alarm Response $172
7th False Alarm Response $228
8th False Alarm Response $286
9th False Alarm Response $369
10th False Alarm Response $464
PENALTY  FEES: Assessed for non-payment 10% per 30 days