Changing Exhibits

rainforest rangers

Two times a year our talented curatorial staff design, create and fabricate engaging exhibits in our Changing Gallery. Exhibit themed family workshops, performances and family art projects add to this exhibit experience.

Rainforest Rangers 
February 15, 2022 - March 5, 2023 

Rain forests are a vital link in the healthy ecology of our planet. Many strange, beautiful and endangered plants and animals that live in rain forests are found nowhere else in the world. You can become a rain forest ranger and start a mission to save the forest when you enter The Children’s Museum at La Habra’s new Changing Gallery exhibit, Rainforest Rangers. Visitors will get equipped with survival vests and pick up their assignment clipboards at the Ranger Station. Ride in the Jungle Jeep to the interior where you can climb the levels of the tree canopy. Did you know the biggest eagle on Earth lives in the canopy? A Harpy Eagle is bigger than you! Check to make sure she’s doing well! Then visit the Forest Floor where you can see live creatures that inhabit the thick layer of leaves. Are they healthy? How many are there? Be sure to mark your clipboard! Play the Tapir Drum and the Percussion Vines in the Jungle Music Area, and build your own gorilla nest in the Primate Zone. How many foods and products come from the rainforest? Mark your checklist! Be sure to pick up the take-home information that tells you what to do at home to help save the rainforests and be a Rainforest Ranger!