Your help is needed to ensure that The Children's Museum at La Habra continues to provide stimulating hands-on exhibits and programs to the 90,000 young children and families CMLH serves each year in Southern California.

Why is CMLH Worthy of Your Support?

•    CMLH stimulates young minds with unique educational exhibits and programs
•    CMLH’s educational programs increase the chances for a child's academic success
•    CMLH has several programs that target underserved audience and is an affordable educational resource for low-income families

Children learn not just through observation, but also by internalizing the hands-on educational experiences provided by the Museum. With one of a kind interactive exhibits and educational outreach programs, The Children's Museum at La Habra provides children with the opportunity to increase their sensory, motor, art, science, math, literacy, creativity and intellectual skills.

The Children's Museum at La Habra's low admission fee funds less than 30% of our operating budget. The rest comes from donors just like you!