Outreach & Scholarships


The Children's Museum provides scholarship programs to local eligible schools when funding is available. These programs allow the Museum to offer additional educational tools to compliment the Museum visit with outreach materials, on-site educators and workshops, as well as teacher Professional Development. Program availability is subject to funding. If you are interested in being placed on an interest list please email Kristine Smith, Education & Outreach Coordinator.

California Science Quest

A science-based scholarship program benefiting low income schools. Schools with 80% or more of their students on free or reduced lunch are eligible for an in-class visit by a Museum Outreach Coordinator and a fully funded field trip to the museum. Each in-class lesson will be grade specific and will focus on the state of California. Students will receive an educational science based interactive lesson corresponding with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math). Kindergarteners will use their 5 senses to explore the world of weather, First graders will learn about the 4 regions of California, and Second graders will be introduced to California's ecosystems. The California Science Quest Program will create a deeper understanding of the study of California and allow students to make the connection from the classroom to the Museum experience.

H2O Here We Go!

A water conservation program designed for Kindergarten, first and second graders. The grant will cover pre and post tour activities, a 90-minute Museum tour, and bus transportation costs. The tour aligns with the CA Core Standards and will provide a hands-on experience with a focus on water conservation, exploring the Museum's permanent exhibits and examining how water conservation is related to animals, space, food, and our everyday life. Using a water cycle model, the students will also observe the different functions of water that completes the water cycle. The students will walk away contemplating how to save their next water drop. 

On the Road

Students will be able to visit the Museum to complement school curriculum.

How to qualify for outreach and scholarship programs:

  • Participants are Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students
  • 80% or more of the school's students must receive free or reduced lunches
    On The On the Road Program includes the following:
  • Free Museum Tour
  • Bus fee reimbursement (up to $250)
    There are 3 post-visit requirements:
  • Complete a program survey
  • Submit a teacher letter and classroom activity

If your school meets all the above requirements, please send a letter signed by the school principal to the Children's Museum confirming this information and a statement on how your school would benefit from the scholarship, along with a contact name for scheduling the tour dates. Please send to the attention of Museum Outreach Coordinator at 301 S. Euclid Street, La Habra, CA 90631 or email to eperkins@lahabraca.gov. Upon receiving the letter, the Children's Museum will contact the school to schedule tours. Scheduled scholarship tours are subject to specific day of the week restrictions.