What does the $48 membership fee cover?
The membership protects insured members from any out-of-pocket expenses related to paramedic treatment and emergency 911 ambulance transportation for situations that occur in the City of La Habra. If you have insurance, we will bill for the services rendered, but will accept whatever is paid as “payment in full” (i.e., if your insurance denies the entire bill or any part of it, you will not be responsible for the unpaid balance).

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1. Who is eligible to join the FireMed Subscription Program?
2. What does the $48 membership fee cover?
3. Who does the membership fee cover?
4. Are visitors of residential members covered?
5. What happens if I'm not a FireMed Subscription Program member and I use the ambulance service?
6. Why do I need to join if I already have medical insurance?
7. Why is my insurance plan billed?
8. If I move out of the city after paying the annual membership fee, will I be entitled to a refund?
9. Will my membership cover routine ambulance service, such as trips from hospital to home or rest home to a hospital?
10. Will the Fire Department still respond if I do not become a member?
11. Will I be responsible for any of the charges if I become a member?