Yard Sale Regulations

Individuals living within single family residential zones in the City are welcomed to hold yard sales from their property. A yard sale is an event where items of used, personal property may be sold from a residence. With the exception of rummage sales, garage, estate, and moving sales are all considered to be one in the same and are all permitted. In order to have a successful event, the following guidelines must be followed.

Yard Sale

The City of La Habra Code Enforcement Division recognizes with the constantly evolving COVID-19 situation, this can be an uncertain period for many families. The following guidelines related to yard sales have been provided to ensure the public health, safety and welfare of the community .

It is unlawful for any person to conduct, or allow to be conducted, a yard sale in violation of the following regulations:

  • Yard sales shall only be conducted on properties owned and permitted for residential use;
  • All items sold at a yard sale must be used goods, wares or merchandise of a household or personal nature, from that household, and not acquired elsewhere for resale;
  • A yard sale may not be held for more than three consecutive weekend days;
  • Yard sales may only be conducted on the second weekend of every month with a maximum of four yard sales per calendar year per residentially zoned parcel. For purposes of this section, "weekend" is defined as a consecutive Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Exception: The Code Enforcement Manager may under special circumstances approve yard sales on alternate weekends;
  • Yard sale activity shall be limited to the hours of eight a.m. to five p.m.;
  • Yard sale activity shall not be conducted in the public right-of-way including sidewalks, parkways, streets or alleys;
  • Yard or garage sales advertising signs may not be posted on telephone poles, streetlights, traffic signs, or any other structure in the public right-of-way. Signs may be posted on premises other than those of the sale, only with the written permission of the owner of those premises. Signs may be posted two days prior to the event and shall be removed at the termination of the sale. LHMC Chapter 18.24.030(E)
Yard Sales- Regulations 2024