Life in La Habra Magazine

Beginning in 2008, with the first issue of Life in La Habra magazine, the City of La Habra, the La Habra Community Services Department and the La Habra Chamber of Commerce have forged a strong partnership between City government, community recreation and local businesses. The goal of Life in La Habra magazine, which is published quarterly, is to work together as one force to communicate information on community events, activities and services that connect the City, community members, local non-profits and businesses to one another and to improve the quality of life in the City. 

In addition, recreation classes, activities, events and senior services are specifically listed to allow all residents and businesses the opportunity to participate in numerous ways throughout La Habra. Life in La Habra magazine continues to grow stronger, as our partnerships become broader.

If you are interested in advertising your business in Life In La Habra, please contact the La Habra Area Chamber of Commerce at 562-607-1704.

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