Zoning Ordinance

An official land use Zoning Ordinance for the City has been adopted and established to serve the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare, and to provide the economic and social advantages resulting from an orderly planned use of land resources, and to encourage, guide and provide a definite plan for the future growth and development of the City.

Zoning Classification
Use Classification
R-1a One Family Dwelling
R-1b One Family Dwelling
R-1c One Family Dwelling
R-2 Two Family Dwelling
R-3 Limited Multiple Family Dwelling
R-4 Multiple Family Dwelling
Multiple Family Dwelling
Multiple Family Dwelling
Multiple Family Dwelling
MHP Mobile Home Park
C-R Commercial Residential
C-P Commercial Professional
C-1 Limited Commercial
C-2 Commercial
C-2s Community Shopping Center
C-2sH Community Shopping Center High Density
C-3 General Commercial
C-U Civic Utility
PC-I Planned Commercial Industrial
M-1 Light Manufacturing
OS Open Space
P Automobile Parking
Mixed Use Overlay

Specific Plans & Zoning Map

Specific plans currently exist in La Habra. For more information please see the City of La Habra Specific Plans page.

The official Zoning Map (PDF) is available for viewing. Visit the City Maps page to learn how to purchase a copy.