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A Message from the Code Enforcement Manager

Welcome to the Code Enforcement home page. I am committed to maintaining, preserving and ensuring the aesthetics and standards of the properties in our beautiful and caring community. I value La Habra's heritage and welcome your feedback to ensure that outstanding customer service is provided and community expectations of property maintenance are met.

My expectation is to educate property owners on the Community standards. Through personal contact, educational information and a consistent enforcement program we work with property owners to gain voluntary compliance. Everyone who calls La Habra home, benefits from the work we do with property and business owners in our Community. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. Thank you for taking the time to visit our page.


Janell Dekowski
Code Enforcement Manager


About the Division

The City's Code Enforcement Division provides service to the 60,000 plus residents of this community, along with our local business partners as it relates to the maintenance and use of the residential, commercial, and industrial properties within the City's seven square mile geographic limits. The vast majority of issues that Code Enforcement investigates are the result of complaints received from concerned citizens along with proactive work done by the inspectors aimed at maintaining the aesthetics and value of property within the City. Some of the most common concerns the Division handles are: lack of landscaping maintenance, deteriorated property conditions, inoperable vehicles stored in public view, structures built without permits, signage, zoning and land use matters, graffiti on private property, and trash container storage. Code Enforcement staff works to educate our citizens in the hopes of achieving voluntary compliance and is able to resolve most concerns by working together with our community partners. The Division also works closely with the City Attorney's Office on more serious property maintenance matters that were not successfully resolved at the administrative level.

The following "Before" pictures illustrate the types of calls that the Code Enforcement Division receives and the "After" pictures illustrate the same property after Code Enforcement makes contact, educates and works with the property owners on their property.


House Before


House After


House Before Remodeling


Street View Before


House After Remodeling


Street View After

Report Issues & Concerns
Should there be a need to report a potential code violation, please call the Code Enforcement Hotline at 562-383-4143. Or, report a potential violation online through the Contact La Habra system.