Owner / Builder Information

Owner / Builder Definition

The City is frequently asked what it means to be an owner / builder. According to the Contractors State License Board (CSLB), an owner / builder is the person who owns the property and acts as their own general contractor on the job and either does the work themselves or has employees (or subcontractors) working on the project.

View the top 10 Tips Regarding Contractors (PDF) as well the CSLB's Special Notes (PDF) for trips on dealing with contractors and properly handling the permit process.

Eligibility Requirements

The work site must be their principal place of residence that they have occupied for 12 months prior to the completion of the work.

The homeowner cannot construct and then sell more than 2 structures during any 3-year period.

Owner / Builder Declaration Forms

Please note that all owner / builders are required to complete and submit an Owner / Builder Declaration Form (PDF) prior to the issuance of permits.

For More Information

For more information on the responsibilities of an owner / builder, please visit the CSLB website or contact the City's Building and Safety Division at 562-383-4116.