Campaign Filings

The City is committed to open and transparent government and strives to consistently meet its community’s expectations by providing excellent service in a positive, timely, and transparent manner. It is the duty of City government to serve the public, reaching its decisions and conducting its activities in full view of the public.

Campaign statements are filed by elected officials and candidates of local office including the Mayor and City Councilmembers. There are many different forms that elected officials and candidates may be required to submit depending on their campaign finance participation including:

  • Candidate Intention (Form 501)
  • Committee Information for campaigns receiving over $2,000 (Form 410)
  • Committee Information for campaigns receiving less than $2,000 (Form 470)
  • Semi-Annual, and Pre-Election Campaign Statements (Form 460)
  • 24-Hour Independent Expenditure Report (Form 496)
  • 24-Hour Contribution Report (Form 497)

Please select the links below to view campaign documents for the current election year. To view older campaign documents please visit the City Clerk Department located at 110 East La Habra Boulevard or send us an email at