Parking Citations


Due to the fact that most people in La Habra will likely be told to stay home or work from home for several weeks, effective immediately, we have suspended the issuance of tickets for violations of non-permitted overnight parking, as well as street sweeping parking violations.  

This suspension will remain in effect until further notice.

The City of La Habra Police Department has transitioned all parking citation services to a new vendor - Citation Processing Center.

The Citation Processing Center is responsible for all processes, once a citation has been issued, including, but not limited to: processing data, accepting payment, establishing payment plans, and contesting citations issued.

For more information, please go to Citation Processing Center or contact them by phone at 800-989-2058. Please have your citation number ready when contacting them.

Payment Plan Options (California State Legislature AB 503, AB 2544 "indigent")

To submit an indigent payment plan request, please visit Citation Processing Center

In order to qualify for Payment Plan Options. you must demonstrate that you are indigent by providing proof of indigence in either of the manners described in the document below: