County Island Annexation


On May 30, 2018, the Orange County Local Agency Formation Commission notified the City that the State Board of Equalization has completed the annexation process for the remaining islands in La Habra.  City departments have been notified that the annexation process is now complete.  The City will now begin providing municipal services to the former county island neighborhoods.  

Residents that are California Domestic Water Company customers will be contacted in the coming weeks by California Domestic Water Company as to the options shareholder now have; however, the City is now responsible for maintaining the water delivery system in these neighborhoods. In the meantime, staff from the City’s Finance Department and Water Division will be contacting residents to establish new accounts for trash collection and, in some cases, sewer as well.

Residents that are Suburban Water Company customer will continue to receive water from them and they continue to be responsible for maintaining the water delivery system in these neighborhoods.  The City will however be contacting residents to establish new accounts for trash collection and, in some cases, sewer as well.

The City and County want to minimize any confusion or disruption as it pertains to any on-going residential or commercial projects.  The City of La Habra will be honoring all permits previously issued by the County of Orange for property improvements.  City Departments are currently in the process of contacting the County of Orange to receive all records of permits issued for properties in the former County islands.  If property improvement plans are currently in process with the County, residents are to continue with that process with the County until completion.  Should residents be planning any home or commercial property improvements in the near future, please contact the City of La Habra’s Building and Planning Divisions at (562) 383-4100 for assistance. 

As was discussed at the public meetings held prior to annexation, the City will be conducting neighborhood meetings to:

Obtain feedback regarding certain public improvements residents wish or do not wish to see constructed in specific neighborhoods;

Discuss whether La Habra street addresses should be assigned to the annexed areas; and

Provide additional information about potential sewer connections and existing septic systems.

These meetings will also provide residents an opportunity to meet representatives from many of the City Departments with whom they may interact with in the future.  In light of the approaching summer months and the fact that many families may have made summer travel plans, the City has scheduled neighborhood meetings in September.  The meeting schedule is as follows:

            Thursday September 6                       Citrus/Idaho Island, Citrus/Entrada Island, and Shadycrest Island

            Thursday September 20                     Cypress/Terry Island and Hensel/Magda Island

            Thursday September 27                     Macy/Randall Island

All meetings will take place in the Community Center located at 101 West La Habra Boulevard. 

Any question regarding the community meeting should be directed to the Community Development Department at (562) 383-4100.

Each island ranges from 2.4 to 78.4 acres in size and all are located north of Whittier Boulevard.  Specific details for each island are as follows:

Island Name
Residential Units
Size (Acres)

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On May 1st, 2017, the La Habra City Council considered filing an application with the Orange County Local Area Formation Commission regarding the proposed annexation of the County Islands.  At that time, the City Council directed staff to provide additional information on the City’s website about the annexation and what potential impacts it may have for island residents.

The La Habra City Council approved moving forward with annexation on November 6, 2017.

The staff report and attachments for the November 6 City Council meeting are now available online.  To view the material please visit the following links:

Agenda Report and Attachments 1 -8

Attachments 9-23

Attachments 24-28

Should individuals have questions regarding the annexation, please contact the City of La Habra Community Development Department at 562-383-4100.  If you prefer, you may email your question to