Traffic Control Plans

Traffic Control Plans (TCP's) are required whenever work is proposed within the public right-of-way. The basic objective of each TCP is to permit the Contractor to work within the public right-of-way efficiently and effectively while maintaining a safe and uniform flow of traffic. The construction work and the public traveling through the work zone in vehicles, bicycles, or as pedestrians must be given equal consideration when developing a TCP.

Traffic Control within the public right-of-way will only be permitted between the hours of 9a-3p (on major arterial streets) and 7a-4p (on all other streets).

City of La Habra - Notice to Preparers
City of La Habra - TCP Requirements

City of La Habra - TCP General Notes (.PDF)
City of La Habra - TCP General Notes (.DOCX)
These documents are subject to change without notice.

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